Occupational Therapy The piece, “Occupational Therapy,” choreographed by Tania Vergara Perez, has been chosen to be the opening performance at the invitation-only event to celebrate the brand new Sarasota Rising Festival. While the festival is scheduled for November of 2024, this exclusive event on November 12, 2023, billed as “An Evening with Sarasota Rising,” is offered as a preview of what is to come. Occupational Therapy explores the possibilities offered by everyday objects -- a table, chairs, cups, plates, and spoons -- used as scenic elements. The dance is titled after the therapeutic activities prescribed in some countries to reduce anxiety. Four friends meet in a cafe and carry out a series of light-hearted interactions in which the waiter participates. They order up "Mozart!" The composer's rich sound seems to create each choreographic sequence and feeds the dramatic evolution of each of the characters.
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