Tania Vergara Perez is a Cuban American master teacher and choreographer based in Sarasota, Florida.
At age eight she entered the School of Arts in Camagüey, Cuba, and on graduating in 1986, she began her work as a ballet professor. In 1990 she decided to continue her studies, and in 1996 she received a Bachelor of Dance Arts with honors at the prestigious Institute of Superior Arts in Havana, Cuba.
In 2002, she founded her own company, Endedans Contemporary Ballet, where she continued as artistic director and choreographer until 2014. Initially a small-format group presenting work closer to theatrical dance, the Endedans style evolved into a melding of contemporary ballet, theater, and contemporary dance, and the original small group expanded to 22 dancers who garnered many awards and quickly became known as an outstanding presence in the lively Cuban dance world. This fruitful period allowed Ms. Vergara to bring her art to different national and international stages, even as the company became renowned and beloved in her native Cuba.
In 2008, she received one of her greatest honors, the Ibero-American Choreography Award granted by the General Society of Authors and Writers of Spain (SGAE) and the National Ballet of Cuba. Her choreography has won numerous other international awards including various first place and best ensemble awards for YAGP participants; the Anacoana Distinction “Flor de Oro”, granted by the Igneri Foundation in the Dominican Republic; and the Villanueva award in choreography granted by the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).
From 2008 to 2014 Ms. Vergara traveled to Mexico, Germany, Venezuela, Martinique, and the Dominican Republic as the leader of Endedans Contemporary Ballet. Her work also appeared on stages in Johannesburg, South Africa; the Varna Festival in Bulgaria; the Tokyo World Ballet Festival in Japan; and the Dance Festival of Guyana.
At the end of 2014, Ms.Vergara moved to the United States, where her master classes and workshops have been in high demand, and she has taught widely at dance schools and companies in Florida, California, New Jersey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, among other locations. She is a master teacher on the faculty of the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School and at Sarasota Contemporary Dance; and is a popular guest choreographer for professional dance companies, including the Milwaukee Ballet, the Kentucky Ballet, Dimension Dance Theatre of Miami, the Sarasota Opera, the National Ballet of Cuba, and the National Ballet Company of Costa Rica.
Since receiving her US citizenship in 2021, it has been her dream to relaunch her company, and under the fiscal sponsorship of Sarasota Contemporary Dance, in March 2023, Endedans Contemporary Ballet (USA) premiered with her work “Voices That Move Me,” inspired by women writers worldwide.
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